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Benji Hughes

Fri & Sat, Mar 21 & 22

Joe's Pub

Doors at 11PM; Show at 11:30PM

Originally from North Carolina, the singer/songwriter/force-of-nature/enigma that is Benji Hughes has released one critically-celebrated album (A Love Extreme), contributed songs to several movie and television soundtracks (including Walk Hard's Let's Duet) and stands poised to release four completed and anxiously awaited albums in the very near future. When asked about his work, Mr. Hughes has this to say:

We live in an amazing time. We live in the most amazing of times. Imagine having a time machine. Now imagine having a time machine that could travel into the past.
Suppose that if instead of traveling back far enough to be eaten by a dinosaur, you chose to visit times of man.

If you were to choose times in the past when women and men were possibly able to understand and communicate effectively with a time traveler from one of their possible futures- and if you were to ask any human creature like this from the past- when - if they were given the choice- they would choose to live- what do you think the answer would be?
think about it. Think about it more.

The answer is now. Now is the only time anyone could be alive. If you are reading this- you are alive.

"Benji Hughes looks like a biker-bar scuzzball, but he writes songs like Cole Porter, if Cole Porter had a Casio keyboard, an 808 drum machine, and songs with titles like 'I Went With Some Friends to See the Flaming Lips.' Hughes’s debut album, a 25-song opus, is wildly ambitious and an egregiously overlooked classic of American popular song." -New York Magazine