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Leonid Fedorov (solo)

June 28

Joe's Pub

Doors at 6PM
Show at 7:30PM

From art-rock to post-punk, from free jazz sax squall to Latin percussion to military marching band tuba holding down the bottom, Auktyon is unlike any band you've seen before. Despite the difficulty of describing them without resorting to stacks of hyphenated phrases, they can connect with fans of everyone from Gogol Bordello to the Boredoms, Talking Heads to Pere Ubu, Ozomatli to Mr. Bungle. Their live show is high energy, kick you in the head fun, and the fact that you probably don't understand Russian is beside the point. Now the lead singer Leonid Fedorov presents his solo material, which comes from 14 albums he recorded and released in the past 15 years. Here's a unique chance to experience the lyrical side of the man behind the legendary band at the performance that's likely to feature new material as well as unorthodox take on well-known classics.

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