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March 16

Joe's Pub

Doors at 6PM; Show at 7:30PM

Lo’Jo has developed its unique world music profile ever since singer and keyboardist Denis Péan and violinist and kora-player Richard Bourreau first got together 30 years ago in their hometown of Angers, western France. The six-piece band’s stated obsession has remained the same - to make music unlike any already in existence. Lo’ Jo freely crosses stylistic boundaries, its kaleidoscopic sound bringing together French chanson, elements of jazz and sophisticated pop, reggae and dub, circus and cabaret music, as well as a spectrum of inspirations from klezmer and East European Roma tunes to West African and Maghrebian traditions - not forgetting maloya from the Indian Ocean island of Réunion. And Péan’s rough-edged Tom Waits-like voice contrasts beautifully with those of sisters Yamina and Nadia el Mourid, Lo’Jo’s compelling fusion of poetic words and imaginative music celebrates a sense of multicultural community beyond and before globalization.

"The French group Lo'Jo is something of a throwback: For 30 years, it's made world music best described as "worldbeat," a melange of a little of this (French chanson) and a little of that (dollops of North and West African colors and textures) within a musical community that tends to prize strongly rooted tradition. With Denis Péan's gravelly vocals complemented by the Berber singing sisters Yamina and Nadia Nid El Mourid, the band circumnavigates the globe — often within the confines of a single song." -NPR Music