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Betty Buckley

October 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

Joe's Pub

Betty Buckley makes her Joe's Pub debut Oct 7- 11 for seven shows with a five piece band playing the music from her new album Ghostlight. The recording released on Sept 16 reunites her with longtime friend and producer T. Bone Burnett.  When Buckley and Burnett were both 19 years old, living in Fort Worth, TX, they began making music together. Buckley, who has been called “The Voice of Broadway,” is one of theater’s most respected and legendary leading ladies. Burnett’s highly sought after involvement in music, film, TV and stage projects is marked by his uncanny ability to successfully combine his unique artistic sensibilities with massive commercial appeal. These two friends and talents created an atmosphere that takes us to another time and place. 

“T Bone single-handedly changed the world of music and makes each project more perfect than the last,” says Buckley. “The gift of this project is beyond my ability to even express; it is my dream record.”

“All great art comes from the edge, not a place of comfort,” commented Burnett.  “Our vision was for a ghostly haunting sound, which I called ‘crime jazz,’ giving the project a timeless feel.”  

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