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Peter Mills Weiss and Julia Mounsey (USA)

[50/50] old school animation

LuEsther Hall

Friday, January 4 - Sunday, January 13

Running Time: 50 Minutes

Members and Partners: $25
Full: $30+ fees

As sensitivities vary from person to person, if you have specific questions regarding content, please call us at 212.967.7555.

There will be no late seating. 

Photo by: Maria Baranova

A classical ghost story for our contemporary moment, this deceptively simple confessional transforms into an unnerving reflection on womanhood, memes, and our capacity for cruelty. Created by  Peter Mills Weiss and Julia Mounsey, [50/50] old school animation flirts with the horrific and dips into the surreal.  

    Open Media

[50/50] old school animation was developed with the support of an HB Studio Residency.

Support for UNDER THE RADAR provided by Select Equity Foundation, Virginia & Timothy Millhiser, and The W Trust. Season support provided by the Blavatnik Family Foundation.

The LuEsther T. Mertz Charitable Trust provides leadership support for The Public Theater’s year-round activities.

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Created by Peter Mills Weiss and Julia Mounsey 
Performed by Julia Mounsey and Mo Fry Pasic
Written by Julia Mounsey, Mo Fry Pasic, Peter Mills Weiss, and Sophie Weisskoff  


Producer: Aaron Profumo
Video Designer: Matt Romein
Lighting Designer: Kate McGee
Sound Designer:  Chris Masullo and Peter Mills Weiss
Set Designer:  Andreea Mincic
Dramaturg: Sophie Weisskoff