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Penny Arcade: New York Values – An Autopsy on the Death of Bohemia, presented in association with The Village Trip

Joe's Pub

September 29

~70 minutes

$20 advance/ $25 at the door

Doors at 6PM
Show at 7PM

New York Values is an homage to the iconoclast, the outsider, the immigrant, the poor, the put down, the visionary, the failed, the bohemian -- those who live at the margins of what is an increasingly entrenched, fortified and well-financed  "mainstream" society. The show is told in the fragmented, disjointed vocabulary of today's post gentrified landscape. Music and movement intersect with crackling observations on the commoditization of rebellion, the nobility of failure and the complex tapestry of art, criminality, rebellion, and iconoclasm that the great tradition of the  'underground’ is woven from.

New York Values is your next to the last chance to be in the bad part of town. With New York Values, Penny Arcade entertains her way into the debate about the new urban/suburban New York to illuminate the real values that made New York City a gritty, authentic and creative Mecca.

Miss Arcade is joined by her longtime collaborator, Steve Zehentner, who creates a live sound score that will have you jumping in your seat.

In New York Values, Penny Arcade creates an emotional, informative, an interactive theater piece that mediates through improvisational performance, storytelling, monologues, music, rants and dance to elicit a sense of freedom & individuality in the audience itself.

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