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Brown Girls Burlesque: Beyoncé vs. Rihanna

Joe's Pub

June 18

~70 Minutes

Doors at 9PM
Show at 9:30PM

Once upon a time in 2012 Brown Girls Burlesque created a BEYONCE vs. RIHANNA show when the pop divas were seemingly battling for our hearts.

Seven lucky years later there is no competition. A fabulous and united front rose from the glittery ashes and we all love them both immensely. Tonight the BGB KREWE celebrates the hot balm of womanhood and

inspiration birthed from B and Ri. Welcome to the HIVE and the NAVY: the ultimate strip-off to start the summer!

Chicava Honeychild: "The Golden Yoni of Burlesque."

Tutu Toussaint: “The Brown Cocaine of Burlesque".

Hoodoo Hussy: "The High Priestess & Juju woman of Burlesque."

Genie Adagio: “Classic Burlesque's Quiet Storm."

Skye Syren: “The blackity black bombshell.”

Dakota Mayhem: “The Nigerian Berry from the Canadian Prairie.”

Foxy Belle Afriq: “The African Pearl of Burlesque.”

Brown Girls Burlesque 1
Brown Girls Burlesque 2
Brown Girls Burlesque 3
Brown Girls Burlesque 4
Brown Girls Burlesque 5
Brown Girls Burlesque 6