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Garland Jeffreys

Joe's Pub

December 31

Ticket Price: $50.00

Doors at 6PM
Show at 7PM

After two stellar albums within 3 years, in 2017, Garland Jeffreys stays on a returning-champion roll with 14 Steps to Harlem, a spirited summation of virtually all the styles and subjects he’s explored through a nearly five-decade career. If the entire world doesn’t know it, the cognoscenti still agree: As “woke” New York rock standard-bearers go, Jeffreys remains at the head of the class. A documentary is in the works and interviews with luminaries such as Harvey Keitel, Graham Parker and Laurie Anderson attest to his multi-faceted appeal, but his quintessential New York cred might be best expressed in the premiere episode of HBO's gritty new series "The Deuce" with an actor portraying him performing a song from his 1973 debut album. Proving that rock and roll never dies, Jeffreys continues to sing like a man half his age and to leave it all on stage.

"Mr. Jeffreys’s raw, hungry singing, which combines the fervor of Frankie Lymon and the edge of Mick Jagger, gives it an incendiary immediacy… musically, Mr. Jeffreys, who is of racially mixed descent, comes as close as any other pop performer to representing a composite New Yorker of a certain age, (accumulating) rock, soul, reggae and hip-hop influences, with a touch of salsa, layered so as to evoke a strong historic resonance"  New York Times

"More proof that he deserves musical comparisons that fall somewhere between Van Morrison, Bruce Springsteen and Graham Parker" — Pop Matters

"One of rock's most compelling voices" — American Songwriter

"Shows the now 73-year old songwriter still reveling in the kind of wide-ranging songwriting that has today become a lost art" — Stereophile

"Backed by a crack band, Jeffreys bring his great songs, powerful voice and buoyant personality" — The New Yorker

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Photo Credit: Myriam Santos