Daily In-Person Standby Lottery for HERCULES

We're so excited to present Public Works' free musical adaptation of HERCULES at The Delacorte Theater this summer. Public Works is a major initiative of The Public Theater that seeks to engage the people of New York by connecting them as creators and not just spectators. 

Due to the popularity of the Public Works program, we have changed our free ticket distribution from our usual distributions for Free Shakespeare in the Park. To make accessing tickets as equitable as possible, we will have an Advance Digital Lottery and a Daily In-Person Standby Lottery.

That means we will not have a daily free ticket distribution in Central Park, at The Public Theater, a daily digital lottery, or any borough distributions.

So, don't line up at 2am on Central Park West... enter the lotteries instead!


The Daily In-Person Standby Lottery allows you to enter to win access to tickets should they become available at The Delacorte Theater in Central Park, before each of the seven performances.


On each performance date, a limited number of standby tickets for that night’s performance may become available to winners of the standby lottery. Winning the standby lottery only grants you access to tickets if and when they become available and does not guarantee that you will receive tickets for the performance.

A Public Theater Patron ID is required to enter the lottery and you can follow this link to create your ID or look up a Patron ID in advance of arriving for the lottery.

Each person (age 5+) may request two (2) tickets per lottery entry. Seat locations are distributed randomly and pairs may be split up. Due to the unknown locations and the limited amount of tickets, there is no separate Standby Lottery for ADA Accessible and Senior Accessible seating locations, but if you require some form of accommodation due to a mobility disability, please speak to a Public Theater staff member upon your arrival, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Beginning at 4:00pm, Public Theater staff will be present to answer questions and assist in the location and creation of Patron IDs. Patrons are discouraged from arriving before that time.

Starting at 5:00pm
, Public Theater staff will begin to distribute lottery entry cards and accept entries. All entries are being monitored for duplicate entries and any patron found to have entered more than once will be disqualified from the lottery for all performances of HERCULES. Entries for the lottery will begin at 5:00pm and will end at 7:00pm.

Beginning at approximately 7:30pm, names will be drawn and any available standby tickets will begin to be released to winners. Winning patrons must present their portion of the corresponding entry card to be verified by staff before receiving their tickets. Patrons must enter the theater immediately upon receiving their tickets and those found to be attempting to resell their tickets will have their tickets cancelled without a replacement offered and will be disqualified from all future HERCULES Standby Lotteries. Winning the lottery is not a guarantee of receiving tickets, but only grant patrons access should they become available. The drawing will continue as additional tickets become available and patrons are encouraged to remain present until they are formally dismissed by the staff.

All times are Eastern Standard Times. Performers and performance details are subject to change. 

All rules are subject to change based off of the decisions of the management of The Public Theater. Rude, discourteous, and aggressive behavior will not be tolerated and management has the right to disqualify patrons at any point in time for one or all lotteries for HERCULES.