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Why We Fight

Joe’s Pub

Sunday, September 16 at 12pm

Public Forum

Free and open to all

Less than a hundred days before the November midterms, Americans are turning to grassroots activism and civic engagement like never before. As more of us are leveraging our collective power and bracing for a wave of change, we welcome Dr. Nimmi Gowrinathan, Founder and Director of the Politics of Sexual Violence Initiative, to deliver our September keynote. She will join us with an incisive look at "rage in women’s politics," challenging and questioning the underlying assumptions about gender roles in advocacy. CIVIC SALON: Why We Fight will also feature music from Aviva Jaye and poetry from Ana Božičević.

In a climate of divisiveness and seclusion, Public Forum is opening its doors to invite audiences to join us every month for CIVIC SALONS: a monthly gathering where we can come together in the spirit of community to nurture our minds and our bodies. Each month will feature a different theme and different participants who will bring readings, songs, and a keynote addressall chosen in the hopes of inspiring civic engagement and social change.

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Featuring Dr. Nimmi Gowrinathan, music from Aviva Jaye, and poetry from Ana Božičević