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Looking for Europe

Anspacher Theater

Monday, November 5 at 8pm

Estimated Run Time 90 minutes

Written and performed by Bernard-Henri Lévy

The evening of November 5, 2018, a man is confined to his hotel room just hours before he is due to deliver a speech the evening before the United States midterm Congressional elections to a group of American activists. The subject of the speech is slated to be an ode to Europe and to its transatlantic brotherhood with America. But as the protagonist begins to draft the discourse, he experiences a severe case of intellectual impotency. What follows is a speech within a speech, a Joyce-like stream of consciousness, a tottering at the post-modern abyss, and a passionate plea for American values and leadership.

For more than four decades, philosopher, activist, and filmmaker Bernard-Henri Lévy has been a singular figure on the world stage and is considered one of the great moral voices of our time. Among his dozens of books are The Empire and the Five Kings (forthcoming from Henry Holt), American VertigoBarbarism with a Human Face, and Who Killed Daniel Pearl?  He contributes to various outlets in the US (The New York TimesThe Wall Street JournalVanity FairCNNTabletDaily BeastAlgemeiner, and others) and to Le Point (France), La Stampa (Italy), and El Español (Spain).

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