Peace, Love and Justice Friends,

Sometimes the simplest steps toward community can be the hardest. There have always been contradictions about what America stands for. A country built on equality, while practicing genocide and slavery as the foundation for its infrastructure. A country that understands how unjust it was to be owned by a king yet oppressed women, stripping them of their rights as citizens equal to men and itself became masterful at ownership of its fellow humans through centuries. These land owning white men decided on a political structure and thought they should govern differently than kings. That Voting thing created to give voice to the public in and beyond leadership took its place among many grand ideas.  Throughout time my ancestors and I am sure many of yours waged battle against the limitations of our founding fathers thinking.  It is in that tradition that I show up to Vote- to be counted. To face the tricksters that practice against the public and try to make it hard for our voices to be heard. I think the tool of Voting must be Just if they work so hard to devalue it. Looking around the world, many people don't have the opportunity to Vote. But we do, and we are Americans. We take up a lot of space on this planet and we use a lot of resources. And even if individually we have not committed violent actions, we support a system of violence that impacts the whole world. I can't say us Voting will change things overnight; we should know by now that there is no such thing as overnight in American politics. However, showing up and being counted would have an immediate effect on all of us. Take a step forward and make a strategic choice. Come together with your fellow citizens and use your voice to say “I am HERE and I GIVE a fuck!” Get out there and VOTE! Not just for the president, but for everything you have the privilege and opportunity to Vote for including judges, city council, congress, senate, prosecutors, sheriffs etc...

- Toshi