• Canadian delights tomorrow night (9/30 @ 7) - the @BreithauptBros bring their pal @PaulShaffer & more!
  • Ladies and gentlemen, the fantastic Sanda Weigl! #JoesPub #SandaWeigl
  • So it goes, if 🍃🍂🍁 are changing, so are the cocktails. Boozy brilliance by @talktotif. #repost from @kevinbabbott --- Menu change time @joespub by the insanely talented @talktotif. She is a genius!
  • How dreamy is @migguelanggelo?
  • We are exactly, down to the minute, 1 week away from the divine @anagasteyer's show here at the Pub! #imhip #mintjulep
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