Cinderella: The Real True Story

April 9

Joe's Pub

Doors at 6PM; Show at 7PM

A concert version of a new music theater piece, CINDERELLA: The Real True Story, with music and lyrics by Holly Gewandter, book by Cheryl Moch and Holly Gewandter, directed by Darren Katz. This gender-bent version of the fairytale classic (Cinderella goes to the Ball disguised as a man, the Princess falls in love with her, complications ensue. . .) delivers its timely message—Lovers all deserve to have their Happily Ever Afters— in a way that is both subversive and accessible.

"Cinderella kisses Princess! Princess likes it! Audience loves it! Critics swoon over it!" -City Limits (London)

"Twisted and perverse!" -Geoffrey Dickens, Member of Parliament